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Education for Sustainable Development (ESD)

ESD SuperVision 4.0

ESD:SuVi 4.0 Stefania Perini, teacher at the Elementary School Boccaccio


ESD:SuVi 4.0 Rita Murāne Rutka, Head of the Regional Debate centre



The document discusses the importance of education in promoting sustainable development and equipping learners with the necessary knowledge and skills. It emphasizes the need for a holistic approach to education that goes beyond acquiring discrete knowledge and focuses on developing competences for sustainable development.


The is a report that focuses on the implementation of Education for Sustainable Development (ESD) in different partner countries. It provides an overview of the current state of ESD integration in schools and identifies areas that require improvement. The report includes a questionnaire that assesses the effectiveness of ESD implementation and highlights the need for additional training. It also includes qualitative data from participants’ comments, which offer insights into the strengths, weaknesses, and suggestions for future development of ESD initiatives.


The document discusses the importance of a whole school approach to education for sustainable development (ESD) and provides recommendations for curriculum design and teacher training. It emphasizes the need for embedding sustainability themes throughout the curriculum, promoting interdisciplinary learning, and developing key competences in students and educators. The document also highlights the role of school leaders in driving the change process and fostering partnerships with the wider community.