Schools, training institutions and universities are well placed to engage with pupils, parents, and the wider community on the changes needed for a successful transition.”
The European Green Deal
EU, 2019

Teacher Training Manual

The document is a comprehensive report that examines the implementation of Education for Sustainable Development (ESD) in partner countries. It begins by providing an introduction to the concept of ESD and its importance in promoting sustainable development. The report then presents the findings of a questionnaire that was distributed to schools in the partner countries to assess the current state of ESD integration.

The questionnaire covers various aspects of ESD implementation, including curriculum development, teacher training, student engagement, and community involvement. The results of the questionnaire reveal both strengths and areas for improvement in the partner countries’ ESD initiatives. For example, while some schools have made significant progress in integrating ESD into their curriculum and engaging students in sustainability projects, others still face challenges in these areas.

Based on the questionnaire findings, the report highlights the need for further training and capacity building for teachers to effectively deliver ESD content. It also emphasizes the importance of fostering partnerships between schools, communities, and relevant stakeholders to create a holistic approach to ESD implementation.

In addition to the quantitative data from the questionnaire, the report includes qualitative data from participants’ reflections on the effectiveness of the implemented actions. These reflections provide valuable insights into the impact of ESD initiatives on students’ knowledge, attitudes, and behaviors towards sustainability.

Overall, the report serves as a valuable resource for understanding the current state of ESD implementation in partner countries. It identifies areas for improvement and provides recommendations for enhancing ESD integration in schools. By addressing these recommendations, the partner countries can further strengthen their efforts towards achieving sustainable development through education.

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